Welcome to Psychology ACT.  We provide psychological services to individuals, families, organisations and corporations throughout the Canberra region.  Founded in 2003 by Jo Morgan and John Corcoran, we have established a solid reputation by providing comprehensive assessment and effective treatment for a range of difficulties that people often experience as we travel through life.

We provide both individual support within our clinic for a range of mental health problems, and outreach support to organisations and corporations who wish to enhance the psychological and emotional wellbeing of their staff.

In our clinical work we are often consulted about depression, anxiety, trauma, work stress, eating disorders, substance abuse and dependence, relationship problems, family discord, and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.

Our work with organisations and corporations often includes developing more effective communication, building motivation, assisting teamwork, teaching stress management skills, and clarifying values.  We also provide individual coaching to management at all levels.